Forum Title: Water Flooding from Top of Water Heater
Please help! I have water flooding out of the top of my water heater. I turned the water off at the main, and that stopped it, but I cannot turn the water back on or it will flood out again. It is a kenmore electric water heater power miser 9. I did some research on the sears site. The water is rising out of what looks like a plastic cup where the anode is installed. Should I try replacing the anode? Also, the plastic cup in which the anode is sitting has a crack in it. Would that crack be part of the problem? Can you get these anodes or the plastic cup at a place like home depot? Thanks, Upstate John
Category: Plumber Post By: JOEL CARR (Belleville, IL), 08/19/2017

You can pull that plastic cup right out of the foam. It's just for looks. It needs to be outta there to get a socket on the anode rod anyways. Be warned, the anode rod is probably going to be a bastard to get out. I have never had come come out easily. Sears should be able to sell you the anode rod, or contact Kenmore directly.

- EVA MONTGOMERY (Chesapeake, VA), 09/12/2017

you're right about how hard it is to get this anode rod out... The heater is in a tight spot and I can only get in a small breaker bar, and i cant budge this sucker... Do you think it is okay to use something like PB Penetrating Catalyst to try to loosen this up?

- IVAN LUNA (Wichita Falls, TX), 09/28/2017

is it snapped off? something looks jagged in the picture google your water heater and serial number to get part number of rod yoy will need to take the sheet metal off the top of the heater to get to the Broken? jagged? anode picture is not clear what is wrong.

- TAMARA HORTON (Springfield, OR), 10/10/2017

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